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About a month ago you wrote a short rant about Seungnyang's character in Empress Ki. She has changed a bit since then, how do you will about her now?

This is really late but I finally managed to catch up on all the episodes up till ep 39, so I can now answer this question haha.

I still have mixed feelings about her. I’ve always had tbqh though I can’t quite put my finger on why exactly. I guess one of the reasons could be that she’s still using the emperor and his feelings for her. What makes things different from before is that she now has developed some feelings for the emperor too. I’m inclined to believe they’re genuine because sung nyang isn’t the type to do all that if she doesn’t feel like it, but there’s that 1% of uncertainty. However, in the recent episodes, I find that I strangely don’t blame her as much as before. I think that shift from vengeance to helping goryeo has an effect on making the things she does a lot more justifiable and less selfish compared to the days when she was too invested in her revenge to see anything else (she admitted it too).

And just some random thoughts: I can’t help but feel that the way she treated tanasiri was heartless. I pitied her, really. That aside, I’m happy that she finally acknowledged the emperor’s love for her. (THAT KISS WAS HOT MY SHIP IS FINALLY SAILING) You could say that on the whole, I feel better about her character but I still have mixed feelings.

That being said, I actually like the realistic portrayal of sung nyang because I’m sick of characters that are made up of 101% pure goodness. (coughs*dongyi*coughs) In the real world, no successful empress, consort, emperor or the like would be able to survive a place as scary as the palace and leave their mark in history if they were all saints.

I’m loving the show a lot these days. I like that there’s character depth and growth for most if not all of the characters. One of my favourites being Tal Tal. Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won are both really talented actors and you can really see it here. That new empress is a total psycho and imo she’s 10x scarier than tanasiri.

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HOLY which jc are you from

Hwa chong. You’re in jc too?

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you're starting junior college? are you from singapore by any chance?

Yup I am!

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As you might have noticed, I’ve been super inactive recently. Junior college had officially started a few weeks ago and I’m really starting to feel the workload because I don’t even have time to catch up on all those drama episodes that I missed, much less create gifs/edits. I won’t have any time to run this blog for the time being and so I’ll be going on indefinite hiatus. There may be times when I am able to come online but those will be few and far between ><

It’s only been about 9 months since I set up this blog but thank you for the 2000+ of you who like my blog enough to put up with all my drama-crazed posts and I’ll see all of you soon :)

Thank you, and i have questions about your k-drama list... how did you change the title? and how did you add a caption to the top (because there's no option to add caption in the code of the theme) and how did you make the <<BACK to be smaller? thnk you. It would be really nice if you could just copy that part for me =) So I can just change it to how I like it

This is how that whole portion looks like:

<div id=”title”>Drama List</div>
<div class=”links”>
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listed from newest to oldest<br>
these are only the dramas that I have completed/ plan to complete<br>
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hi. where do you download hd videos of kdrama? 😊 thanks alot.

hey, for you k-drama / k-movie page, can you tell me how you did the drama covers (photo)? like the filter you used and what size the photo is? because i really like that page but I can't seem to make the picture look right. :3 thank you in advance and I love this account so much!

Filter: I generally don’t reuse my psds. I usually play around with the curves (lighten the picture), gradient map (adds contrast), selective colour (I generally like to lower the cyans and increase the yellows) and vibrance and the settings differ for each photo. I also like to add a layer of very dark grey on top of all the other layers and set it to lighten. The opacity varies from 70%—100% depending on the picture.

Size: 140px by 190px

aww thanks for loving my blog :3

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